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Posted 3/26/2012 3:50pm by Jed Beach.

Dear Ararat Farms Community,

Do you want the security of knowing you've paid upfront for fresh local produce, but desire a higher level of choice than comes with a traditional CSA?  We're pleased to offer you the chance to buy Harvest Bonds from Ararat Farms for the upcoming growing season.

Here's how they work: pay us money now, and receive your principal plus interests' worth of fresh veggies from our online farmstand (formerly our online buying club) during the growing season.  Bonds range in price from $100 to $500, and the interest rates go up to 15%.  Where else can you find that kind of return in today's economy?

Harvest Bonds will be available through May.  A limited number are available, so be sure to order early if you're interested!

Click here to order harvest bonds securely through our website.  You can pay by credit card or by check.


Jed, Emilia, and Ray

Posted 3/26/2012 10:30am by Jed Beach.

This week, we're busy test harvesting batches of salad mix, spinach, and mini lettuce heads. 

These crops come from two locations: our big heated greenhouse, and from underneath plastic "low tunnels" that we erected and planted in our fields last November. So far, we're impressed with the tenderness and flavor of the crops.

These greens are will be available at select retail locations next weekend, and to the general public via our online farmstand next week!